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Hasan Suzen, PhD candidate at University of Antwerpen, is currently studying on great power politics, political warfare, hybrid warfare, counter terrorism and extremism. He received two Master’s degrees from the University of Oklahoma and the US Command and General Staff College in International Affairs and Security Studies.

Prior to joining Beyond the Horizon ISSG, and ICSVE EU as a research fellow, he obtained experience in counterterrorism in both operational and planning levels and worked as Strategic Foresight and Transformation Supervisor at Turkish General Staff HQ and Senior Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Analyst in Comprehensive Crisis and Operation Management Centre at NATO.

He is a regular writer at Political Insights and Beyond the Horizon, and gave lectures on defence reform, military transformation, and hybrid warfare.

His expertise areas are:

• Political warfare, information warfare, cyber defense
• Hybrid warfare
• Counter terrorism and extremism
• Defense planning
• Military transformation
• Security Sector Reform
• Defense Institution Building
• Crisis response and operation management

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