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In Homegrown Hate: Inside the Minds of Domestic Violent Extremists, terrorism expert, Dr. Anne Speckhard, who has interviewed more than 800 terrorists, turns her attention to the deepening threat of domestic violent extremism in the U.S. Her unique ability to talk to terrorists and extremists, and draw out their very personal stories, offers readers rare insight into the human behind the hate.

Culled from more than 50 in-depth interviews with current and former members of a wide range of domestic hate groups, Speckhard peels back the curtain and reveals the extremists in our midst. The reader will be surprised to learn that hate is not the prime motivator but learned as one’s identity fuses with a hate group…

We hear from extremists, often in their own words, about motivations, influences, and often bizarre theories that inspire dozens of deadly acts of domestic violence, from Oklahoma City to January 6th. As Dr. Speckhard says, we cannot stop that which we do not understand. Woven together with her decades of experience and expert analysis, Homegrown Hate offers unique insight into the men, and women, driven to violence.

Readers will also have the unique experience of hearing directly from extremists. Homegrown Hate (print and audible editions) includes video links to short interviews with more than a dozen domestic extremists.

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