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Noellynn Slaughter is a Research Fellow at ICSVE assisting in research on US white supremacist organizations and also researching Islamic State Khorasan in Afghanistan and its relationship with ISIS, the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Pakistan, US and Coalition forces. Noellynn holds a master’s degree in Terrorism Studies from King’s College London, and a master’s degree in International Policy Studies from Middlebury Institute of International Studies.  She is a military intelligence veteran, having served five years in the U.S. Air Force as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist. She has studied Russian, Modern Standard Arabic, French, and Lebanese Arabic. Noellynn is a U.S. Department of Defense contractor working in Security Cooperation at present and has previously presented research on female terrorists to counterterrorism experts from around the world. She has a background in Russian, Middle Eastern, Central, and South Asian studies, International Policy, Security, and Defense.

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