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ICSVE – Europe – Dutch Federal Police Training Event

ICSVE – Europe, in cooperation with Stephen van den Bosch presiding, held a training for the Dutch Federal Police in the Hague on 17 February 2020.  Over 20 participants attended, representing various services associated with the Dutch Federal Police. This event was the first of a series of police and security service trainings held in the EU under a grant awarded from the European Commission’s Civil Society Empowerment Programme to ICSVE – Europe, and their associated consortium partners, Beyond the Horizon and DERAD. ICSVE reported the results of a new report detailing 288 variables describing the first 220 ISIS in-depth interviews of ISIS defectors, returnees and prisoners collected by ICSVE, focusing on European and specifically Dutch ISIS members currently detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces. The training participants also viewed ICSVE’s new counter narrative video clips of former Dutch ISIS member, Munir al Kharbashi, denouncing ISIS. The videos can be viewed here, and here and here. The ICSVE playlist of all 175 English, and 65 Dutch, alongside other languages, subtitled videos produced to date is here. Also discussed at the training were the ICSVE Breaking the ISIS Brand Counter Narrative Project Facebook campaigns carried out over the past year in the Netherlands.

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